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At R.S. Electronic Controls, Inc. we manufacture an Electronic Device Controller that is specifically designed to isolate (eliminate feedback) submersible control wiring in gasoline dispensing equipment at Service Stations, Convenience Stores and Truck Stops.  This EDC was developed after seeing many unnecessary expenses and problems with wiring, installing, and servicing self service equipment in service stations.

Our Mission

There is a saying "Keep it simple".  With this in mind we are trying to keep our products user friendly.  This can only benefit everyone involved, from the Service Station, Convenience Store Owner/Manager to the Service Technician and Electricians.

How it all Started

Back in the late 70's and early 80's when I worked for a petroleum equipment distributor and Self-Service was in its infancy we had our share of problems and one major one was leak detectors tripping in cold (Wisconsin) weather.  Everyone that I knew had a solution and one was to add a time delay relay to the dispenser solenoid valves.  All the time delay really did was aggravate the customer standing out there in the cold........Read More...............  

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